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Whitton Farms Deluxe Centerpiece


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Our freshly cut flowers, arranged and delivered!

Each arrangement is crafted in a container of your choice using only locally grown flowers. We take the best blooms we have to create your gift of love. Know that our blooms are harvested within 24 hours of sliding into one of our vases! When you order from us, you're supporting a farming legacy that spans almost 100 years. We are a Certified Naturally Grown farm, and use only sustainable farming practices.

Please email your order (whittonfarms@live.com) to us 24 hours in advance to warrant sufficient time to create and deliver your arrangement. A personal card, with your message will be included in the arrangement.
We deliver to the following locations:
Wilson, Arkansas | Marion, Arkansas | West Memphis, Arkansas |
Harbortown, Memphis | Downtown, Memphis | Midtown, Memphis